About Us

Welcome to OLD HEADS!!!!

We are a group of older guys who love to play Clash of Clans.  We have family members, friends, neighbors and people from all across the world in our clan.  We battle non-stop.





Clan Rules:

We are war clan so we expect everyone to use both battles in war.  If you can not battle because of King and Queen upgrading just turn button red.  If you cant battle because your going to be busy please turn button red.  If both battles are not used in war you will be sat out of war for first offense.  If you do it again you will be booted from the clan.  During war please ask who to attack and one of the co-leaders will let you know.  We will always try to have war strategy posted at least three hours before on this web-site.


When not in war request for whatever troops you want just don’t ask for max troops.  If request is up for more than 30 minutes just donate what you have.  This way lower people can donate as well.b  When in war request for exactly what troops and spell you need.  Try to keep donations as close to 50/50 as possible.  For all lower level players don’t worry about your troops not being strong enough.  When not in war people will request anything for defense a lot.  That is a perfect time for you to donate.


Elder and Co-Leader Promotions

These promotions are done through people doing well in war, donations and being an active clan member.  Please don’t ask to be promoted.


Town Hall Level

When you upgrade to a new town hall level max all troops, heros and walls first.  If their is a new defense like at town hall 9 (X-Bows) do not add them as defense until you can three star consistently a town hall 9 with them.  This will help us out with war match ups.  Just look on YouTube about engineered layouts.  When I find the link I will ad it here.  This is a new rule but very effective to help out with war victories.


Secret Question Answer:

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